Language Revitalization

tʔɨnɨsmuʔ tiłhinkʔtitʸu is the language of the people of tiłhini

hatˠu means "hello"
saqsiʔ means "friend"
titˠu means "person"
tʸʔuyu means "mother"
sapi means "father"

qoqo means "pet"
tškaʔ  means "fish"
mišina means "cat"
šumoqini means "always"
auʔauʔ means "thank you"

We use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to express our sounds. You can find information about pronunciation and about the IPA by clicking here!

Marie's Dictionary

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This is an excellent documentary which shows the lengths that many tribes have gone to preserve and celebrate languages which were thought to be long gone.