JP Harrington Archives


John Peabody Harrington was a ethnologist who greatly assisted in the record and preservation of the languages of the Northern Chumash and other tribes throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. The Smithsonian has online archives of some of his work to be found at their website. For further information about his archival work with our tribe, see the "Rosario Cooper" page at the top of our site.

To view the archival records Harrington collected from the Northern Chumash, you can view the microfilm here.


A list of our affiliated organizations:

Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival (AICLS)

This group is a collective of language experts and tribal board members from many tribes and additionally hosts annual language conferences.

California Indian Basketweavers Association (CIBA) 

An organization dedicated to promoting the history and ongoing creation of the basketweaving traditions developed by California's tribes.


Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History 
The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History has been a long supporter of celebrating the rich history of Native Americans and natural history. Visit their website to learn about visiting the museum and their current exhibitions.


Native American Heritage Commission
Appointed by the Governor of California, this organization seeks to identify and catalog natural resources for Native people in California.


National Preservation Institute
The National Preservation Institute, a nonprofit organization founded in 1980, educates those involved in the management, preservation, and stewardship of cultural heritage. Partial scholarships are available for the classes. To get involved, you can sign up for their email list and updates will be sent to you. 

UCLA Tribal Learning Community and Educational Exchange
This organization provides excellent online and cultural resource related classes. You can find online seminars by selecting "Course Offerings" and select "online". 


News from Native California

Wonderful resource for Native news and additionally hosts an excellent calendar of events for in Northern California Natives. Frequently updated!